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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In reaction to...

25 years after Black Friday the stock market regained to the level of that day. Times were good (for white America on the surface) post WWII, we had learned how to save, spend wisely and invest in infrastructure and education with it eye on the future pull together as a nation. Productivity was excellent; design quality was high ect…

The Vietnam War came in the 60’s and the new international effect of economy could be felt with poor foreign relations and cheep domestic design and production policy reigned. Environmental, equality and energy concerns began to arise complicating the issue, public business ignores lesson of the 50’s and opportunities presented by current complications. But during the Carter, Regan and Bush I era the middle class and poor wore suffering while the wealthy became richer on deregulation and the infancy of tec innovation, but then…

A more universal economic prosperity reigned created by government fiscal conservatism coupled with practical social consciousness and equality, a balanced budget under Clinton and new public investment in the tec industry…

Then the tec bubble burst when market values came back to earth. While warnings of terror were ignored, taking inspiration from the Regan era, Bush II deregulated to help with growth. We went to war on missed opportunities, and falls Intel. Implementing unprecedented secrecy and repealing of freedoms rivaled only by McCarthyism.

At the same time ignoring infrastructure issues (safe environmentally/economical

/energy efficient transportation systems and building structures), not funding a flawed education bill that failed to invest appropriately in science/math/PE (for innovation in the tec industry to compete internationally, health care that helps improve productivity) and art/English/Language/history (to create innovative products promoted innovatively on and international scale with proper visual and language communications).

While people with bad credit are duped into buying what they can’t afforded, then the mortgage has so called insurance added (because they were risky loans) and they are wrapped up in large package and sold nationally and internationally so called Mortgage Backed Securities (bundling…homes, credit cards and student loans)……the industry goes up…but like the tec industry…what goes up must come down…

During this time most consumers barrowed more and saved less (homes, credit cards and student loans)…while more homes were being built, because the value was so high…foreign investment helped drive this…until we had to many homes and the interest rates of some mortgages fluctuated then surprise people with fluctuating interest and/or poor credit history defaulted on the home they could not afford, and the banks took back the homes adding to the surpluses of homes, making them even less valuable, but just as expensive based on the prices that the Speculators made during the boom.

During this people like Madoff take advantage of the good times and perform Ponzzy schemes, which make matters worse for some investors and effect all of us.

Central banks knowingly have a policy of not stopping bubbles from bursting, but swoop in after...accept due to the Mortgage Backed Securities and Credit Swaps sales they did not have enough capital to do it, because they had stretched themselves thin on these faulty loans.

At the same time our exports to import ratio had changed, because international economies had grown relying on our growing consumption, which we could not support because we had shipped jobs to the foreign nations and we had made bad investments, and were living off credit, just like the government now was due to the war we were losing, because we have refused to use bombs not words, did not have a exit strategy and did not have the support of the international community.

All the sudden investors foreign and domestic investors began calling for their payment on loans, because of the dealings the banks and insurance companies had made and the bottom fell out. Suddenly the banks freeze and we can no longer barrow to buy crappy products promoted by even crappier add campaigns that do nothing to solve our environmental, energy, economic and security issues.

Much of the industries like the Car industry and retail industry were calling for bailouts to support their poor branding, poor designs, promoted by their even poor advertisement campaigns that did nothing to helps solve our environmental, energy, economic and security issues.

The banks could not loan these industries money and some of these industries were having to pay money to the unions to stay true to contracts that demanded healthcare and retirement benefits they could no longer afford, because they had a crappy business model and failed to make good design and promotion choices and keep jobs domestically that would lead to innovation that would solve our solve our environmental, energy, economic and security issues.

The government borrowing more from foreign nations step in to try and stabilize the market filled with bad investments, while the international market beings to collapse in this domino effect. But under Bush II and a Democratic congress they don’t put in the correct oversight and regulations.

Inheriting this environment Obama tries to implement a Buck stops here policy not scenes since the 50’s with transparency in government not seen since our founding fathers and fiscally sound policies circa Clinton era. Reality sets in.

He barrows more to create a budget that is intended to solve our environmental, energy, economic and security issues, by investing in alternative energy, health care, education, infrastructure. But it may not be enough because we say we don’t have the political will to mortgage the next four generations. But the real problem is we are so use to buying crap we don’t know how to deal with this new (old) environment. We are as short sighted as the Stock Market which by this point goes down and up 500 points when you sneeze.

We are told to spend, but what we should be investing has no clear market yet. Industries that are creating quality products designed well, with innovation in mind and smart branding and marketing. Products that help solve our environmental, energy, economic and security issues. Industries that rely on the innovative infrastructure that has yet to be created. All in part because we have done a poor job in investing in education that teaches science/math/PE (for innovation in the tec industry to compete internationally, health care that helps improve productivity) and art/English/Language/histo
ry (to create innovative products promoted innovatively on and international scale with proper visual and language communications). And once we are shovel ready will we have preventative, conservative treatment, innovative, sound, affordable healthcare to ensure our productivity. How do we know we are investing in the right future? What do we buy today to ensure tomorrow doesn’t suck.

Besides no one has bought those bad debts to take them off the balance sheets of the banks so that the banks will give us the money we need to invest in the investment we are unsure of, because no is willing to take a risk and put a value on it…in part because no one taught us how to balance a check book in middle school.

I digress…Enter Chris Dodd (D) under pressure from Bush II (R)…to put bonuses for executives that helped facilitate much of this mess on Wall Street and in the housing market into the law. A new CEO at AIG comes on board after this, so he cannot be blamed for more than fallowing the law as written. Then the Fed authorizes the bonuses according to the law, but does not tell Tim Geitner the full story, who then when he finds out waits a few days to tell the President, making him look like an ass, because Obama wants’ the buck to stop at his desk. So congress who created the bill (all be it by a few different members) decides to create an unconstitutional tax of 90% on the bonuses. Congress is now in a McCarthy like move looking for those responsible (i.e. Madoff-AIG-Geitner). At the same time they are coming up with a plan to share in buying the bad assets at the center of this mess, by creating a reasonable market value set by biding public investors, but insured by the government who will borrow more from China if there is an issue…but now because of the proposed tax law the investors don’t trust the government to keep their word. And I forgot to mention we started printing money to add some lucidity into the banking system lowering the value of the dollar.

During most of this time our media has become more and more concerned with entertaining, telling us what they think/not what they know, being a sounding box for those in power or access to power. Plus they do a poor job of communicating it, despite our best efforts as a nation to educate ourselves with the web…without fundamentals in English, Language, Art, Science and Math.

SO I SAY…look everyone is to blame. There is no scape goat to get. The buck stops at the president’s desk. We need to give him a brake when he hires someone who has had Tax issues (all the qualified people are crooks…so just make it easy to keep an eye on them)…but he needs to do a better job with the transparency…even though he is already doing a hell of a lot better than the guy before him. But we need to give him the wiggle room to fully invest in his plan which is a good one, but takes time and more money. Swallow the pill people. In the mean time we are going to see more Tent cities like the one in Sacramento. I would prefer clear guidance on investment opportunities and it would be nice if John Stewart’s idea of paying down individuals loans with government bailout money would be part of the mix, because it would put lucidity into the banking system and help individuals with their monthly budget directly. But we have to let things work their way out once the plan is in place fully. We don’t need pitch forks, but we do need and active engaged electorate. We have to save the planet, we have to use more efficient energies, we have to support our local economies and neighbors, we have to stop killing each other over god, we have to be better international friends, we have to fix our minds and bodies so we don’t create more nut cases that are dangerous to society and we are more productive, we need to educate ourselves on how to innovate and how to communicate, we need to learn the value of patience, scrutinizing and fix things. We need a media that tells it like it is…not like we want it, they want it, or how it entertains it. We need to spend smartly to get out of this and then save wisely to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Ok now just relax. Obama is keeping a level head...so should you.

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