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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have the Guts to Save the Globe: Make us Paint our Roofs

I am clear on the issues we are facing these days and the global, national and personal consequences they have on all of us. I also understand the unprecedented steps we have taken in these extraordinary times and the potential for more. I understand clearly that while we continue to add more to our plate we have no way to pay for it without great sacrifice and smarter spending across the board. One issue that is currently dominating I have pleaded for here is a revision of Health Care. But in that same note I mentioned an issue that is of higher concern. One that is at a critical stage currently and always. One that is as close to the risk of failure as any we have faced in the past year. One that simply put if not solved will make all others obsolete. I speak of our Environmental Policy and the Global Warming Crisis. So why is there rumor of stalled action on the part of our congress, our nation, our world?

Congresspersons, have the GUTS to do something, or pay the price we all face...

When the world community meets at the end of this year, we American's will either have contributed to potential successes or granted failure. Earlier this year Fareed Zakaria hit the nail on the head, "America's Fatal Flaw: If it's not a crisis, we can't fix it." I would only ask, what does that mean for slow moving tipping points?

There is speculation that China (who have surpassed us as the worst emitters...and ironically we are indebted to on historic levels) is waiting for the rest of the world to make the first move. Gone are the days when we can act un-American and not lead with our Ethical Foundation. We can no longer be selfish, petty and bring action with hubris. We must lead with honor and ethical obligation that is founded in the ideals this nation was built on and developed my in its greatest moments. We must lead!

Much of the actions that most efficiently give us a chance also help greatly to solve our nations other most crucial issues. We have been speaking of this for months if not years or decades. Investment in renewable resources will lead to job opportunities, new exports, independence from foreign energy sources, decrease our contributions to corrupt governments over seas, increase our national security, decrease our citizens health issues helping decrease health care costs. It will also require investments in areas that have long dogged down by local and Washington politics. Success will require new infrastructure, an increase of quality education in the areas of science, math and art (YES ART...how do you think we learn to think outside the box, problem solve and innovate most effectively...in art class), we will need to correct our personal ethics returning to civil maturity, discipline, work ethic, historical perspective, honesty, volunteerism, sacrifice, neighborly behavior, survival techniques, basic agricultural knowledge, being prepared, freedom of thought and speech. There is much to be done and we look for leadership. We have it in our president, but we are being failed by virtually everyone else.

We simply can not wait any longer. We need solutions on the ground. We need resources to help take action in our homes and communities. We do not need you to bail out Wall Street or car manufacturers....we need more practical localized solutions.


The idea of rail transit is wonderful. I would travel to my folks in California from Vermont instead of flying if I could get there by rail. The best idea I have heard late is the Ion battery. If I had a diesel car or truck I would be converting it to Bio. I still don't get why if Brazil can run on ethanol why we can't help the farmers across America and do that. I guess what I am saying is I don't want to drive my SUV, but it is how I survive the harsh New England winter roads. I would love if my Jetta was even more fuel efficient or even better had zero imitations. I would love to travel by public transport, but I live in a rural environment. I would love to get to my Urban friends and family quickly and with reduced imitations. But non of this is happening, because I don't have the resources and they simply are not being handed to me.


While at time this seems like a viable option. The efficiency is substantial. The potential for clean energy is there, if we proceed the way they do in France; this would be close to a silver bullet. Particularly if we had 100% electrical heating and power, as well as ion battery cars. Given the issues with Yuka Mountain you can see why we must have a smart reprocessing system minimally.

However, you don't have to look far to see the risks. Here in Vermont there have many risks that have come with a privately run nuclear power plant. That coupled with the considerably growing lack of discipline we have in our work force and education systems, I fear for an environment that could produce a Homer Simpson at the local plant.


There is still great debate here in Vermont over this...not in my back yard. Regardless I know there are plenty of areas in the country that could and should take even more advantage of the wind and water as an energy resource. I personally wouldn't mind one in my back yard.


Despite having Energy Star appliances and theoretically being up to date with instillation, because we are a new townhouse, our home is clearly the biggest cultrate of our imitations foot print. I do not understand why every home and building in America does not have plans for solar panels and has painted their roofs white. If we did that alone, we might have a chance. Of course we can't afforded the solar panels. And I would have to get the condo association to agree to white roves...unless you made everyone do it (this one thing should be mandatory today).


We need to plant more trees. Everyone…every ware…all the time.


Newsweek ranked the top environmental businesses and it was surprising (well it was surprising how low Apple was and how high McDonalds and Wal-Mart were). Nevertheless, after reading it I began to wonder, why can’t you mandate that business take some of these policies into all of their operations? It will create a level playing field that will still fuel competitions and the survival of the fittest. I am sure there are plenty of small business that are doing these sorts of things were they can. Sure, some businesses will leave the US. However, at the summit you could argue that all countries should be taking these steps to save the globe. In addition, who wants un-American companies anyway? So we should have all companies offer to recycle their products and provide the most efficient way to transport and process the materials with the lowest environmental impact. We should be requiring limited packaging. We should be stopping computers from ending up in Chinese illegal salvage cities. We should be creating products that last again. We should be learning how to fix things, not just, tossing them and getting a new one. We should be consuming sustainable clean organic agriculture. We should be composting and recycling so there is zero waste. We should be operating and producing locally, not globally. These are sustainable business models that help the bottom line and save the planet. Why do I get this the people in charge don’t?

Bottom line, pass something effective, mandate we do something, give us resources to help with the other things. Make us save ourselves. That is what leadership is about sometimes. Forcing the people to improve their lives. It may not be politically expedient. But you, your kids and your grandkids will not mined if you did not get reelected, as long as you all live. If we are teetering on the edge of extinction, because you were gutless…well lets hope you and your ancestors don’t regret it for eternity. Lets hope me and mine don’t either. The prospect makes me glad I am an atheist.

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