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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Up Rise Against the Plutonamy NOT Your Neighbor

I have in the resent past spoken of the merits of living in a moderate culture, a consumerist culture, and a Pop Culture. How this as helped maintain stability; a stability that I see as making us the greatest nation in our world’s history. I characterize us this way, as someone who has at times, in particular situations, looked upon, Canada, Japan and the EU with envy; as someone who is well aware of our comparisons to the Roman Empire. Still I see no rival at the end of the day, a sobering reality. I wrote this as my own revolutionary urges increased. Today, it seems we are more likely to embrace Muse’s anthem “Uprising,” then even a year ago. We are a legitimately angered people, with nostalgia for the revolution that gave our “democracy” birth. So much is on our plate, personally, nationally and politically. With the level and rate of exchanged information now accessible to us, we are incited to revolt. New Media has brought us a heightened experience of urgency, diminishing our perspective. We have been here before, on a brink. At the birth of our great nation, during civil war, during the Great Depression, after Pearl Harbor, under McCarthyism, Viet Nam, and 911; this is not a new fear. However, we live in very uncertain times, which rival all of these tests of our unperfected union. Our moderate foundation is fractured and threatens to give hold. I urge us all to take a deep breath and find a way to move forward together.

As an artist and art teacher well versed in media arts, I am well aware of the deficiency in Arts education. I clearly understand that we are deficient as a people in an understanding of our visual lexicon. I see how this has contributed directly to the ease in which we are manipulated as members of a democracy, and consumers in an economy by visual communication. I would suggest that the state of our reading comprehension and auditory education is in a similar state. We are as a people easily manipulated by those who have the resources to communicate to us through New Media, Newspapers and Television.

Those who are communalists are easily swayed by messages that speak to the world view presented in their childhood. Individualists are swayed by the messages of conspiracy (clearly in this text, you will see which side I error on). We receive these tall tails from the controlling factions in our Plutonamy. A small number of people who control our economy, news and government; a wild conspiracy I hear you communalists exclaim.

These people are no different from us, with egos and ethics that fluctuate under duress and opportunity. These people are no smarter then you or I, they just have access; to information (sometimes a manipulation from within their own ranks), to money, to power. It is easy for us to put up our hands and say…they are idiots. Sometimes they are our idiots…and sometimes they are their idiots…but they are still idiots. But they are always idiots who can get elected. They are idiots who go from high society and/or big business into “noble” politics and then back. Benefiting when they are out and manipulating “for the good of the people” when they are in; always being manipulated themselves by their own self interest and the self interest of the Plutonamy they are invested in.

We are often told that we are a center-right nation. I disagree, we have simply through our history have moved the line in a progressive way, which has helped keep us the greatest nation in the history of Earth. However, it has also changed the definition of Conservative and Liberal. Just look at the actions the “liberal” democrats have taken under Clinton and Obama. Most of the policies they have implemented are originated as conservative ideas; Clinton’s policies on budget deficit reduction, welfare, gays in the military and economic regulatory reform; Obama’s policies on health care (I hear you now…trust me this is a conservative law…it is Romney’s bill), war and again regulatory reform. Under Bush you need only look at his liberalism through his budgetary expenses and position on immigration. These positions switch not on ideology let alone practical solutions, rarely on personal knowledge or passion (although this is what they tell them selves so they can sleep at night); they switch in order to keep us pitted against each other in order to keep them in power, keep us at war and keep them rich. Damn the people, damn the planet, damn ethics, damn morals, damn the peace and prosperity, damn freedom, damn their rights, damn the truth, damn honor and justice, damn your quality of life and pursuit of happiness, damn the people; “they” say behind closed doors, amongst themselves, those Plutonamians. There is a revolving door between the IVE League, Wall Street, K Street, Congress, The White House, Newsmedia, the Free Massons, The Fed and the Banks. These are the electable officials and these are our Plutonamy leaders.

So sometimes we want to “throw the bums out,” or even revolt like our founding fathers (their, the Plutonamians founding fathers). But what choices do we have? The bum I want thrown out more, is the one you want to save. And the replacements are not any better. And yes there are rare acceptations…and we often don’t find out that till they have died, if we find out at all. I still think that Obama one of these positive few,…being advised by and compromising with…idiots in power.

So what happens? These idiots use the media as a vehicle to manipulate us and pit us against each other; calling it democracy. While calling what the other side is say unpatriotic. On top of that, they present false information as fact; in part because they themselves have grown up with the same lies.

The Plutonamy is threatened by only one thing, a united educated people; a people who can disagree, without fear and hate; a people who base these disagreements of philosophy and problem solving on facts, not propagandized fictions. However, we are not enabled and we have not empowered ourselves to be these people, unless we take a deep breath and look with clear eyes at our own egos and ethics. Trusting each other and not the bull we are being fed.

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