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Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick...X-Men Origins; Wolverine Review

I went and saw Wolverine with my wife and my Dad last night. The first Marvel comic I remember owning my Dad bought me in 1882, A Marvel Limited Series: Wolverine No. 1 by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller (Vermonter)...it was like getting high or havening an orgasm for the first time...you will always chase that first one trying to repeat, but it never is the same. Every X-Men related comic... after that I read was an attempt to regain that sensation. Last night was another failed attempt...but realistically speaking not a bad one.

Disclaimer: I never read Dead Pool so I had to do a little research. Also I really have not seriously fallowed the X-Men since Uncanny X-Men #275...so I am no expert anymore. When I left very little was still known about Wolverine's origin...but still being close to comics in general you hear things.

A few notes:
My Dad and Erin I guess thought it was OK....no viral response like Watchmen and we did talk a little about it afterwards...clarifying things for Dad.

Our seats sucked and our necks hurt most of the time.

The movie did not suck...Not even close to being as disappointing as X-Men III...but it was not as good as X-Men II...Erin and I loved that.

(spoilers bellow)

We had a discussion about who Wolverine and Sabertooths father was...it was confusing because the guy you fisrt think is his dad and gets killed by Sabertooths Dad looks to be played by Hugh Jack men...then all the sodden in the first Star Wars rip off moment Sabertooth's dad is killed by the young wolverine and he says he is his father...confusing right. We are clear that they shared a mother, but I thought they were only half brother's not full brothers...and if victor's dad is his then why does he look like his step dad and the step dad.

Dead pool being beheaded, falling, having two swords and the design of his face all looked like Darth Mals death in Episode I of Star Wars...but there is some chicken and egg thing here...but of all the Star Wars movies to rip off if that is what happened...arg.

I understand in terms of continuity why Dead Pool has all these powers...but as far as I know he only can heal...no teleporting or cyclops plasma vision....and the swords don't come out of his arms like Wolverine's claws. It all seemed kind of lame to me.

My other big complaint was that when Wolverine escapes from the Weapon-X program and is naked in the wilderness instead of being found by a young couple James MacDonald Hudson and Heather McNeil (future Guardians of Alpha Flight and Department H heads), he is found by the Canadian version of the Kents...now we are riping off Superman too.

On a positive note...I never liked Gambit...this movie changed my mind.

Ryan Reynolds was perfectly cast as Dead Pool and his part in the beginning of the movie was pitch perfect.

So its a good duper hero movie, it is fun for X-Men fan's and if you get a good seat you will enjoy it.

I last heard that Jackmen is interested in focusing on Logan's time in Japan...given my first Wolverine experience I am super siked about this possibility and believe they can pull it off after watching this film...if they stay closer to the flawless source material provided by Claremont.

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